Stepping Heavenward


2nd Half Of Twenty Things To Do Before I Am 20

11. Diligently study my French course that I am starting this week. (again)

12.(Hopefully) Keep helping to teaching a 23 year old "gypsy" girl how to read

13. Keep a journal of home-made family jokes, giggles, and moments of insanity
(Have done this on and off over the years, already)

14. Look over the old scribbles, "books", ramblings, and papers I have done long ago and sort them out and do something with them. (ie: improve them, or throw them out!)

15 See if I can plan several weeks in advance for Sunday School lessons, so there won't be panic and pandemonium on Fridays!

16 To not only be the Sunday School teacher to the older children at church, but be their friend.

17 Talk one on one with the ones who aren't yet Christians

18 Keep my bedroom in a more presentable state :)

19 Radoming pick a history book and study up on that time to improve my somewhat rusty history knowledge!!

20 To finally finish this awfully long, hard list!