Stepping Heavenward


Four months...

In just four months I will be leaving my teen years behind. Can you imagine? Just four months! And it's quite sad. I feel like I am getting old. It also seems like I have always been a teenager...twenty has been a long time coming!

And I have decided to follow Danielle's example and make a list of twenty things to do before I am twenty years old, or at least improve on! (and believe me there could be thousands!) Here are the first ten:

1. Be a better penpal to Abbie and Theresa!!

2. Read my Bible more often

3. Spend more time in prayer

4. Take the dog for more tramps down the back field to the creek

5. Be a nicer person to live with :)

6. Finish reading all the books I started this year.

7. Get a job

8. See Jacky :)

9. Study the times, dates, and numeral sections in my Braille book until I can write them without checking!

10.Be more patient with my little sister's excited babble when they want to tell me about the snail they found, the new song they are learning, and about the huge burp they just did!! :)