Stepping Heavenward


Remember how I said I was reading a book called "Evelyn" the other day? Well, I started off reading a book called Zvi about one man's triumph over the holocaust and then, halfway through it, I started reading Evelyn and then, halway through that I started reading this book, One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven. I wonder if I'll ever finish one book this year! :)

Sarah posted the last book to me from Switzerland the other day and it's very good. No, it's really good! Written by Mark Cahill, it's a book about reaching out to the lost people in our world and how we can talk to them about the Lord. It's very encouraging, inspiring and easy to read and if you haven't read it before, then you should read it soon!

Mark Cahill's life's motto is: "If they're breathing, they need Jesus".

How often, as Christians, do we fear to talk to people about the Lord? For me, it's VERY often. I am afraid of saying something wrong, offending the person, looking like a "religious freak" or even being made fun of. It's certainly not easy to stand up and do something like that. Ever felt the same as me?

But after I began to read this book, it made me really want to do more wittnessing. And has Christians it is our duty to tell others the truth that we now know.

All of this babble to say that hopefully this week a friend and I will meet in town and pass out leaflets/tracts to people on the streets. I also want to have a one-on-one chat with a non-Christian girl at my church tomorrow. I have also been trying my best to wittness to people I know through email. Please pray that these things will go well.

I also had a thought...why don't each of us try and talk to at least one person about the Lord this week? Sound like a plan? Then pleasecome back to my humble little blog and let's talk about how it went! That way we can all pray for the people we have all met. :)

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