Stepping Heavenward


Hi All,

Just want to mention James to you all again. Please pray for him, especially as he keeps coming back to Bible Study. He keeps turning up at the house just after we have finished, while we are having tea and coffee. I don't know what keeps bringing him back but pray that he might see something in our lives.

He and I used to go to the same school, and I never imagined that one day He'd be mixing with our Bible Study group!! It's amazing the way things turn out :)

Last week him and a mate of his got into the back yard and were mucking around shining flashlights in through the window, until someone went out and invited them in. They both came in then, and James started playing songs for us on the guitar...He's a nice lad, and if he came to know the Lord all the energy and potential he has would be turned in a really great direction!

So, please keep him in prayer! Today is Wednesday again, and last week he told me he'd probably come around to Bible Study I'll update you some time soon.