Stepping Heavenward


Happy Is The Man...(Or Woman!!)

Have your personal thoughts or convictions ever made you stand out? Have they ever made things slightly difficult for you in a group of people? Or have you ever seen the secretive glances that others in the room give each other after you have finished explaining the reasons for your convictions? Ever felt nervous, self conscious or even misunderstood because of them?

For a long time I have been battling with this. As Christians we all have the same fundamental beliefs in Christ-and this is what makes the bond between us so special, because we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord! But after those fundamental beliefs, we also have our own personal ideas on different subjects, and other don't always agree with us. But just because we don't change simply because nobody else agrees with us, it doesn't necessarily mean we enjoy holding to our beliefs. Personally, I am so prone to thoughts such as: "You are the only one in the room who thinks like you do on this subject" or, "I think they're all looking at you", or "They think you've lost your marbles this time, Cel!"

Whether or not these silent conversations I hold with myself are true or not...I don't know! :) :)
But yesterday I was reading my Bible and this verse jumped out at me:

Happy is the man who does not condemn himself in what he approves Romans 14.22

I then realised that I have been "condemning" myself! Isn't that mad? What is the point in doing what I think is right if I am struggling about it and feeling awful? It's got to be more than that! We should be strong, but also rejoicing in doing what we know is won't alwasy be easy...but it'll be worth while!

Each of us have our own personal struggles, but don't "condemn" yourself for what you believe is right. And remember, as Christians, we're all part of the family of God...and God created us all to be unique! :)

(Written in great haste, so hope it makes sense!! :)