Stepping Heavenward


Behold, An Interview!

This keeps coming around to me in emails...and just for fun I decided to add it here, as my 'serious' writing 'skills' have gone on a holiday for today!! :)

Name: Celeste Hope McGrath
Age: 19
Place of birth: AUSTRALIA!!!
Number of siblings: Four
Where do you come in? Second oldest

Your height: SMALL, sniff. 5 foot 3 inches...*weepy eyes*
Hair colour: Brown
Length of hair: 3/4 down my back
Eye colour: Bluey green

Number of (first) cousins? 20
Closest to? Ben and Shae

Christian for how long? Four years
Smoke? No
Drink? No
Go to the movies: Yes

Countries travelled to: Australia, Ireland, England, Belgium, Switzerland, France (and just over the border of Germany and Italy)
Countries want to travel to? New Zealand, Africa, India

Name five friends: Sarah, Vlora, Deirdre, Rhonda, Lara

Favourite sport to watch: Football
Favourite sport to play: volley ball

Name 5 things you want to do before you are 30 years old: Visit Africa, get married, adopt a child, go to a Liverpool match (and meet the players personally!!)Go out on a boat and spot Orca Whales swimming...(weird, I know!) Can I only have five?!?

Favourite smells: Cut grass. Vanilla. Lemon Peel
Favourite chocolate bar: Snickers
Favourite way to spend the day: sleep in late in the morning, then be with friends, walking on the beach, talking, laughing...

Pet Hates: Giggly, flirty girls.
Things that scare you: slugs, spiders, my up-coming exams next year *shudder*
If you could change one thing about yourself: my toes!!
Worst fault: Impatience (one in a list of many!)
Some of your nick-names are: Celery, Saltie, Heavenly, Salvital, Cel the Gal...

And here endeth the interview! ;)