Stepping Heavenward


Is This Doubting?

Compared to other people's blogs...this one is just over a month old, which means that I don't have HUGE amount of people adding comments on here yet. (although I have had 356 views in that time...woohoo!)But despite all this, I thought I would put a question out there to the people who DO actually read this...because I have been thinking about this subject ever since I read something similar to it on somebody else's blog. I had been eagerly waiting to read comments on that blog in answer to this question...but so far nothing has come up.

Here it is:
If I pray in faith, asking God for something that is very important to me and something that I REALLy need, is it a lack of faith to wonder if God will say no?
If somebody told me they would get back to me with an answer about a job, and don't, is it wrong to jump the gun and go ahead and phone THEM instead of waiting patiently and relying on God?

Of course this is only one instance, there are loads more. What do you all think?