Stepping Heavenward


Calling All Testimonies!

I have this Grand Plan (they don't come very often, I know) for the next SH issue. The plan is include testimonies of guys and girls who have become Christians, the story of how their life was before, what led them to Christ and the differance He has made since then.

We have three patiently waiting to go in, with the possibility of a fourth from Australia...but we need more!! Sooo....if you feel you want to share your story-let me know!

I realise that a lot of you wouldn't think your story is the greatest, but every story is special. One guy started his testimony off by saying: "From my perspective, my personal experiance isn't as great or as exciting as some I've heard but..." and you know what? It was so great, even if he didn't think so! It was amazing to see how God worked in his life and how He is still leading and working in this guy!

So, come on, be brave. You can either leave me a comment here or in my Cbox (still proud about that. *goofy grin*) or send me a private email. After all, we're all connected...all brothers and sisters in Christ!