Stepping Heavenward


A photo please?

This morning we had to make two trips to church because Dad is away with the other car in Wales.

My brother took Eloise (16) and Brenna (11) first and then came home for Mum, Erinna (8) and I.

After we had arrived at church and found seats, I noted the minister sitting across from us and a few rows down towards the front. We have had this visiting minister several times before, and I knew he was from the North of Ireland.

A minute later Eloise and Brenna told me something rather surprising that had happened before the rest of us had arrived at church.

"He took a photo of Eloise and I!" Brenna whispered to me.

"What?!?" I couldn't believe it. Why on earh would he want a photo of my sisters?

Eloise leaned forward to me and said: "He told us that he wanted to get a photo of us to show the people at his own church that there ARE some girls who know how to dress properly!"

Wowsers! It's not often we get people who appreciate our modest skirts, but when it happens, it's definatley a wow thing! :)