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"What Do You Wish You Had Known?"

Being a teenager/young adult brings many changes to our lives. When we were children we were content with playing in the sand pit and collecting snails. These favourite past times have now (hopefully!) been replaced with more mature activities and fun such as meeting up with friends, eating out with them, taking walks with them. texting back and forth and going shopping. Now that we are older we can even go off on trips alone now without mum being with us, carrying the bag full of apples and drinks and spare underwear.

These are some of the many great things about growing up and becoming older. But we all know that at this stage in our lives there are many times when it doesn't always run so smoothly. These years can be a little confusing, we have questions, and sometimes fears, and more than likely we are going to experiance hurt and pain as well. It's all part of life, and it's not always fun.

I was visiting the rebelution awhile back and they were encouraging young people to ask the adults in their lives what they wished they had known when they were at our ages. It's so easy to get caught up in our own little world and feel like we are the only ones on earth who are going through this...and we forget that the adults in our lives have been through it all before, and can give the advice and help we sometimes need.
So, I sent out an email to those adults in my life and asked them that same question. "What do you wish you had known at my age?" Here I share the responses I got.

"Hi Cel,
There is so much [I wish I had known] but I think that the major one would
be that I would like to have known how much of a problem it would cause me (and
hence those around me) when I turned my back on my Christian upbringing and beliefs and went my "own" way for many, many years. It turned out to be nothing but heartache and wasted time. Sure, I learnt a lot of lessons but I would much rather have had that information without the pain from doing it the hard way. I was told
most of what I did learn, but I wouldn't listen. So really I think that would be the most important thing, to have listened to those who were older and wiser and not have to do things the hard way.
Like Bob (my husband), I think that stress is one of the biggest things but that can
be brought on by not living a Christian life. To follow God and God's law tends
to lessen the stress in life, and often will remove it completely. To be able
to trust in Him and His Son totally and absolutely, to take all our cares, troubles and problems to Him and leave them on His alter.
Hope that is helpful.

"Hey Cel,
Thinking about your question, when I was your age to have known that it
was not in what I could DO, but who I WAS in Christ would have been good. We are all precious/unique/planned & incredibly loved by God, I know
that now & thank God it's never too late to learn that! And I have the
privelage as a mum to pass that on to my children that have been
entrusted to me.
Much love to you, from Aunty Shazzy"

"Dearest Cel,

Thanks for your e-mail, there is a really big one that I wish I knew/learnt/understood! In my day (all those years ago back in the 80s!!) we were told "no sex before marriage" and then a few little bits like "nice girls don't kiss boys or let the boys kiss them" as if we all wanted to be "nice girls" (which is different to being a Christian girl I think), and a whole bunch of other silly little things that were more like wives tales than making any real sense. Anyway, my own boys hit puberty a few years ago and I phoned the head quarters of "Growing Kids God's Way" (the best thing out by the way) and said HELP! They directed me to a number of books including "Why I Kissed Dating Goodbye" and others. I also then bought other books like "Boundaries Before Marriage" and a ton of other books for Christians on the topic of sex. They are all totally for "no sex before marriage" but they explain where sex begins and ends and the consequences to every little thing you do. Not wives tales or embarrassing brush offs, but real answers.

I would have loved to have had that understanding and been in the position of making educated choices that I am happy to stand by, instead of being so petrified of doing the wrong thing that I wouldn't go new a guy. Fear is not a healthy reason to make a decision like that and many of my friends who did not have that fear made wrong decisions in the other direction, so I am thankful that that wasn't me, but we have made our boys read all the books and it has armed them with real facts that are not only scriptural but are also psychologically backed. They have made purity pacts and commitments to stick to it, but what I (and I am sure they) enjoy and appreciate even more, is that they understand why they have made those decisions and what they mean, and can look at their friends who do the wrong things and can see evidence already of WHY those decisions are wrong, which only strengthens their own stands.
God Bless and loads of love,
Mrs Smart"

"What do I wish I had understood when I was your age, Celeste? How little most things matter, in the greater scheme of things! To understand that sometimes, you are right, and all the experts and others are wrong. And to realise that, yes, God really is working to a plan - but that doesn't mean life will always be fair to us (and He won't fall off His throne if we tell him!). We just have to keep working on the assumption that He knows what He is doing! - Alice"


So, here are some words of advice that apply to us now, because we all face these things in some way or another. (or at least will face it sometime in the future) While we may not agree on everything a certain person believes, we have to remember that they can still offer valuable advice to us because they have already walked the path we are now on.

The challenge is to take that advice and build upon it! I'll admit, I am not always good at it...but I'll keep trying! :)


  • Hey, good stuff and a great idea! :)

    By Blogger aussietigger1980, at 7:32 AM  

  • Hey Cel, Good post, I didn't get to read all of the letters but it was a blessing.

    By Blogger Keith M., at 1:33 PM  

  • Yup great stuff.

    By Blogger Chris McCarthy, at 2:32 PM  

  • I am amazed how GOD provides to help me through this life. I am barely hanging by a string above death, but He is the Pilot and He will Guide me.

    By Blogger Keith M., at 1:26 PM  

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