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Wear Your Rings In Public?

This moring (after turning my bedroom up-side-down hunting for something) I was found some of my old Bible Study notes from earlier this year. As I was flicking through the scribbly pages I came across this...and thought I would write it down here.

We had been talking about people being 'Sunday Christians' or 'Wednesday-night-prayer-meeting-Christians' know, the people who walk into church once or twice a week (or once or twice a year)and go through the motions and then walk out and spend the rest of their time doing as they want, being where they choose, and acting how they please. It was then that somebody told us a little story that perfectly showed the craziness of such a life.

Picture it: a guy gets up the courage to ask his girl to marry him. She whole heartedly agrees and cannot wait until her wedding day-the day she has been looking forward to ever since she was a small girl! Her new husband-to-be slides a gorgeous ring onto her finger and she knows she has never been happier in all her life.
Now picture this: the sweet young couple have been invited out to a friend's party. The guy drives over to the girl's house to pick her up, she gets into the passenger seat and they start driving. Soon the guy notices that she is trying to yank the ring off her finger. "What on earth are you doing?" he askes her with a funny grin. She seems a little embarrassed and mumbles something quietly. "Is the ring not good enough?" he jokes, and then immediatly notices that there are tears in her eyes.
"Don't be mad at me!" she says, "Please understand! I do love you, I really do! And I'll wear your ring when we are both together, but I don't want to wear it out in public. My friends...they...just don't think you're cool. I don't want them to think I am weird."

Hmm. Unusual, huh? What kind of a girl would only wear her ring around the man she is to marry? She should be so proud of it!The same way it is for us as Christians. There is simply no way we can be "Sunday" Christians, it's all or nothing.

I heard a quote once that went like this; "The greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians. They walk into church and praise God and then walk right out and deny Him by their lifestyle". I'm sure we all know that there have been times when non-believers have said "If that's what you call Christianity, then I'm not having anything to do with it."

It may just be that the only Bible some people will ever read will be your life. Do we wear our 'rings' in public, or do we try and pull them off when we think nobody is looking?


  • Amen

    By Anonymous Caleb, at 7:23 PM  

  • Good post Celeste! So true, when you put it like that the meaning and truth is really clear.

    By Blogger Keith M., at 1:03 AM  

  • Excellent post!

    Haha... Yeah, it would seem a little dumb to try and yank of your engagement ring. :) I think I forget that God loves me more than anyone ever could, more than my parents, friends or even future husband. How crazy is it to pretend like I don't know Him in public?

    I usually don't have trouble with this since I am homeschooled and the co-op that I go to is centered around Christ. But I'll be starting junior college soon, secular stuffs. So I'll keep your post in mind for when I struggle. Thanks!

    Oh and thanks for stopping by my site!

    By Blogger Elyse, at 4:38 AM  

  • Yeah elyse, That would be kind of dumb to reject our engagment ring in public, it truly shows how CRAZY and cowardly it is to back down in front of others. We are endangering their eternal lives by not sharing our faith.

    By Blogger Keith M., at 1:46 AM  

  • thanks guys for you comments...they're always great to read!!!!

    By Blogger Celeste McGrath, at 9:48 AM  

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