Stepping Heavenward


The Snobby Brand of People.

We've all met people like this. The ones who snob you, act bored with you, ignore you, betlittle you and sometimes are just down right rude with you, no matter what you try. They can be young, or old, or teenage.
And, for me, it's the teenagers that are really hard to deal with. There have been those times when I have been in the presence of such people who make me feel downright stupid. I can see them hanging back to one side all alone, but if I go and be friendly, I get...well, snobbed.
This is an akward situation. And there have been times when I simply didn't bother to make the effort with other people. I let them act how they wanted. "Their problem, not mine" Those people have come into my life for a brief moment and have left now, and instead of making the effort to go up and get to know the person, I left it. And a potential friend was gone forever.

I was thinking about this the other day when I thought about a girl I know. This girl was one of these 'snobs' I have been talking about. She hung back away from the crowd-never attempting to join in and be part of us. Whenever I tried to invlove her or simply tried to talk to her I was rewarded with a grunt or a vacant expression. Uh...nice. Very disconcerting.
For some reason, despite the obvious displeasure this girl had towards me, I continued to talk to her whether she wanted to hear me or not. "She's SO rude" I would declare to my family and to myself. What is wrong with people like her? What would a simple smile or word take from her?

It took a long time to get through to her, but eventually she started warming up to me. She began to actually ANSWER my questions. After that hurdle had been crossed and she realised it hadn't damaged her, she began ASKING ME questions, and then the laughing started! Underneath all that rough, hard surface, was just a very lonely girl. Once I had gently broken in she accepted me, despite the fact that we are so different to one another. (I am a Christian, she is not. Most of my friends are Christians, she prefers the rought bunch.)

I keep thinking that if I hadn't have persisted she would still be a loner, hanging back. Nobody else seems to want to make the effort with her...and perhaps she would have been another person to "walk in and walk out".

I keep wondering what kind of a differance we could all make if we took the time to get to know our snobby people. Underneath all of that there is a person who feels the same way you and I do, it's just a little harder to find.

What have we got to loose? Try out the STUC approach. Show Them U Care


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