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Josiah or Josiah-tess?

It's now Mum's turn to be away! She's in England for a few days which means I have to take over the homeschooling for the little girls.
I was doing Erinna's Bible lesson with her today and she was learning about King Josiah...and two things struck me as I read it with her.

Josiah was thrown in at the deep end of the pool. He came from a family of wicked men who did evil things in the sight of God.
His grandfather, Manasseh, did incredibly awful, make-your-spine-tingle sort of things such as making idols, worshipping the stars...wait on, it gets worse... he practiced sorcery and divination and even made his son walk through fire! Ye-ouch!
When this Manesseh man had died, his son, Amon, became the next king and was just as bad as the last one. He ignored God, and was downright awful. He lived his life just as his father sin and separated from God. It wasn't long before his officials conspired against him and Amon was assisnated, leaving our hero, Josiah to be an eight-year-old king.

Not really pleasant, huh? Of course Josiah had help until he was mature and responsible enough to make choices on his own, but...there he is, a king before he knows it, his evil father murdered, with a long line of decendants who were rather unsavoury kind of blokes.

But what happened to our hero? He found favour with God and walked in His ways. He did what was right and pleasing to the Lord; he took the idols from the temple, rebuilt it and was at peace with God. And because of his faithfulness, God spared him from the trouble to come.

Josiah is a perfect example of somebody who did not let his past shape his future. How many people blame the things they do, think, and say on past hurts, disapointments, experiances, or families? We all -everyone of us- have been through rough times, but it is up to us if we want to be a victim of those times, or to break out and start fresh like Josiah did.

The other amazing thing that stood out to me is that Josiah was so young when he did all these great things. I don't know about you, but I sometimes get caught in the rut of "I'm too young to do anything just yet" mentality.

Many times I think to myself;

"Oh, I couldn't possibly...! Maybe in a few years. I'm still a teenager, what use am I? No, I'd definately stuff it up..."

But I am finding out that it's all an excuse. I can do something today. I can BE something today, in small things. I might be rebuilding a temple, but I can...

Talk to that person.
Send that text message.
Have coffee with that one who needs somebody to talk to.
Help in the church.
And who knows, maybe it will impact people more than we even think.

Are there guys out there who want to be Josiahs? What about you girls...any girls brave enough to be Josiah-tess'?
(don't let the female name put you off, now :))
1st Timothy 4:12



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