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Waiting For The Right One

Yesterday we had some friends over for a few hours and in the course of that time my mum, this lady, her daughter and I got talking about the world's view of dating and the dangers it can lead to.

It started off when this lady told us about her eldest daughter who has been dating a non-Christian guy for over a year. In that time she has changed a lot, from going to church every Sunday and most Sunday evenings to dropping back to just going in the evenings. In time, that too, changed and it has now been over ten months since she has been back to church.

The lady was telling us how she didn't want her other daughter to walk down the same path and she mentioned that there is a guy hanging around who is far from being appropriate for her daughter.

Mum told this girl that the Bible says not to be "unequally yoked" to a non-believer. We have seen it happen time and time again...the girl tells everybody "I will lead this guy to the Lord!" and against all the advice from those who love her she goes ahead and marries him. In a very short space of time those words become hollow and meaningless because she has lost her faith, and, in some cases, ends up divorced a few years later.

"Remember that God knows who you are going to marry!" Mum told the silent girl at our table. "You don't need to go looking for him-God will lead the right man to you at the right time. This young guy doesn't want to marry you. He only wants to have fun with you, and before long he'll dump you like he has dumped other girls".
Her mother agreed with my Mum, but the girl was looking miserable.

"If God will lead the right man to me, He's certainly taking a long time to do it!" she answered back.

This is where I jumped in:
"Look at me, I am three years older than you and I am still waiting! I admit that there have been times I have struggled about the situation and was so disatisfied. There have been a couple of guys I have been interested in and (so I have been told by friends) a few guys interested in me. But I am still single and still waiting. I have set very high standards for a guy in my life and God knows where he is and he'll 'turn up' :) at the right time. I sometimes still struggle with it, but I think God is teaching me to grow stronger in Him and to get to know Him more in this time and to prepare for the future."

I could see that the girl wasn't sharing the same thoughts as me. She knew this guy wasn't going to be brilliant for her, but she still wanted him.


Because the world today presses people into dating. While it is never actually outwardly spoken it's known that "If you're not dating then something is wrong with you".
Where did the young people go who were willing to put God first and trust Him in this area of life?
I can't help but think that this is part of the reason for all the divorce in the world today. The guys fall in love with their girl's outward appearnce and the girls love how 'fun' the man is...but before long all this desolves and fades away into nothing.

Girls, let God "be your husband" for now. (Isaiah 54:5a) Don't go out and ruin your life and don't lower your standards for a guy who is not worth it. The same goes for the guys...if she's not worth it, don't chase her.

God will bles you for it, and you'll you spare yourself a lot of pain. You won't regret it!



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