Stepping Heavenward


Salut from Swissland!

Switzerland! And I am on my second day already!

I left little old Waterford at 6am on Monday and Dad drove me to the airport. After a minor delay the plane finally took off towards Geneva. I had this young guy sitting next to me and after awhile his girlfriend fell asleep and he and I started talking. His name was Rafael and we talked about how us 'English' can't pronounce the French rs and he tried to get me to say his name and I must have only suceeded in sounding like I was about to retch!! He had been in Dubllin for six weeks to help practice his English and said although he hadn't been down to Waterford he had heard about it because they lost their football game the other week! Dear old Waterford...we have seem to only have loads of rain and a dismal football team ;)

As we were approaching Geneva we could see the alps above the clouds and once we had decended a lilttle further we could see that we were right over lake Geneva. Rafael was now trying to see out of my window at the same time as me while he exclaimed "Ooi ma beeatiful countri!"
It seemed like the pilot was threatening to pitch us into the middle of the lake at one point, but he managed to get wake up properly enough to land in one peice! Made it through customs, found my suitcase, and...then there was Sarah!

The first night here we had tea downstairs with Sarah's family and her brother, Alexis also came around and I managed to escape being kissed by anyone until the next day at Sarah's aunts house. I stuck out my hand very fast and my hand was warmly shaken but my cheeks were kissed all the same! ;)

Yesterday we see a lake, but we first got side-tracked by the ski lift. I had never seen one go so far up such a steep mountain and I couldn't believe people would go so far up on one of those flimsy little chairs. That was when Sarah decided we were going to go for it and do it ourselves!
"You're not scared of heights, are you?" she asked with a laugh
"Ooo yeah, I am" I joked and rolled my eyes.
Uh..yeah, hehe. I was okay for awhile, looking at the lake below us getting smaller and smaller, making sure I wasn't about to drop my back-pack down the side of the mountain, and looking at the alps getting clearer and clearer. Then one time I looked down and...grief. There was NOTHING below us...just a huge vast nothing and I was suddenly very aware that there was just one metal bar in front of us, stopping us from plunging to our deaths. =) Sarah was still talking and I just kept watching the alps and not looking her, saying that if I turn and look at her, or look down I was going to freak out and then she would be trying to calm down a girl having a panic attack half way up the mountain!!

But we arrived at the top, I managed to jump off the chair in time without it carrying me back down the mountain again and then, once I had taken a few deep breaths, I looked at the view of the snow capped alps around us. It was awesome. After taking half a million photos, we went to the cafe and got drinks and sat talking, loooking at the mountains and listening to a very loud british group howling with laughter about... well, yes, where were we?

In the afternoon we went peddle boating on the lake, which was all fine and good before the wind started blowing and it was impossible to keep our rebellious skirts down who insisted on climbing up to our heads. (well, almost) Sarah then got the bright idea that if we peddled backwards we would have our backs to the wind and the skirts would settled down. We tried it, and I lost it for awhile. I could just imagine what the people on the shore must have thought.
"There goes those funny girls in skirts...and they're shooting about on the lake going backwards. What on earth ARE they doing?" After half and hour our time was up and Sarah said that we "need to plan our approach correctly, and if we work it out we'll arrive back with the wind not effecting our skirts". So she shouted out "Starboard! Port!" and while in fits of giggles we tried to work out which was which.

It must be the Swiss air, or Sarah's influence...but we tend to go really loopers when we are together!

That night Sarah let me sit in on one of her online English classes so I could hear everything her student was saying...the only thing was, the poor guy did't know I was sitting there and we were both silently laughing and his dear accent and jumbled words!
But I can't make too much fun of french has competely died. Only when I think nobody is listening to hear me make a fool of myself do I attepmt to talk to the children!!



  • Sounds like a great holiday...I'm jealous!!!;)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:56 PM  

  • Of course YOU would say that now, wouldn't you?!? You werent supposed to read it though, what if I said something nasty about you?? =) And, as sister sweetly pointed out, its full of mistakes...but thats because I was sleepy, bored and in this little room alone while SOMEBODY went and had coffee with her students!
    Ha ha, nah... thanks for today!
    (next time leave your name!!)

    By Blogger Celeste McGrath, at 11:15 PM  

  • Ooh, exciting stuff! I can't believe all the amazing adventures you're getting to have!

    By Blogger Danielle, at 6:50 AM  

  • Hey Danielle, whenever you want to come over, I'll be your tour guide!!

    By Blogger Celeste McGrath, at 12:20 PM  

  • Arg! I tried to comment on this once before and it gave me an error message! Here we go again...

    Interesting blog! I'm adding you to my bloglines list.

    Had to laugh at the story about your skirts flying up. There's nothing like trying to keep skirts down in any kind of wind! LOL

    Silly question here, but if you can see a ski-lift going up high into the air, why are you taking braille classes? Just curious.

    By Blogger Jana B, at 7:46 PM  

  • Ok...well, the reason why I can see the ski lift going up the side of the mountain is because...I am sighted!! LOL!
    I am learning Braille because I think it would be so cool to work with blind children and teenagers...and I now also have a few blind friends as well.
    Question for you...are you connected to "Whatsoever" and the elegent D. Carey?! =) Name sounds familiar.

    By Blogger Celeste McGrath, at 9:09 PM  

  • LOL okay, that makes sense. So are you planning to be a teacher in a school for the blind?

    Mmm... no, I've never heard of either of those people... are they bloggers?

    By Blogger Jana B, at 11:35 PM  

  • Ok...I just thought u had written something in the Whatsoever magazine-and aussie magazine for Christian girls. But maybe not =)

    By Blogger Celeste McGrath, at 10:52 AM  

  • LOL no, I havent... I love to write though.

    By Blogger Jana B, at 3:02 AM  

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