Stepping Heavenward


Me, My Things And I

"She's wearing new shoes" I note to myself. "They look so nice on her". I look at my shoes, the same ones I have been wearing since Moses was a baby.

"That jacket looks so great on her!" I think to myself. I know that I have a million of my own jackets, but now I wish I could have one that was the same as hers.

"Wowsers! That's a nice bag!" I try and forget that I have a million of those around my bedroom as well.

"If only I had a skirt that went with this shirt." I moan as I look at myself in the mirror. I ALWAYS look like Laura Ingalls.

"Oh! I wish I could buy that Matt Redman Cd. How much money do I have left?"

This me, folks. This is me all over. I wish, I want, I buy...I...DON'T NEED!
I spend my time thinking about the things I want, coveting the things my friends have, and always wanting more.

Yikes. I'm scaring myself. I didn't think I was so bad.

Yesterday this problem jumped out (and bit me really hard!) after I had opened the letter that had come in the mail-from India. It was another update of Ajay, 'my' little seven year-old boy who I have been sponsering for two years. I eagerly looked at the photo to see if he had changed or grown more since the last one was sent. He sends me loads of letters, but the photos only come about once a year. Yes, he did look a little older and a little taller. But then...I noticed it.

He was wearing the same shirt as he was wearing in the last photo.
Wait on. He was also wearing the same pants as he was in the last photo as well.

Oh no. He was wearing the same clothes as he was in the last TWO photos. My sponsorhsip helps him be able to go to school, get medical help when he needs it and provides some of the food for the family. But it's not often he gets new clothes.

Here I am, always wanting, always complaining about the stuff I don't have (and often about the stuff I DO have as well) and here is little Ajay, still in the same clothes, and wearing what is probably his only pair of shoes...flip flops.

I am so rich, really, I am. I may not be legally allowed to work here in Ireland still, which can make things a little hard at times...but I AM SO RICH. I think God was trying to tell me something: "Wake up, and take a look around you! Stop thinking about YOU all the time".

"Having food and clothing with these we shall be content" 1st Timonthy 6:8
"Godliness with contenment if great gain". 1st Timonthy 6:6

I think most of us struggle in this area, at least me and a lot of my friends do! But with God's help maybe we can wake up and stop thinking of ourselves all the time? Dunno. Waddyathink?


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