Stepping Heavenward


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I found this photo on Sarah's computer taken when I was last in Switzerland...and decided to add it here, just for the fun of it. (and to embarrass Miss Monnier) We dressed up in Sarah's Grandmother's clothes...hehe

Left to right: Sarah, Rhonda, =)

I'm leaving for Ireland again tomorrow and will start blogging as normal again. I'll keep these Swiss posts on here for a few weeks, but then I'll delete them and get back to "Stepping Heavenward"

Love Cel


  • You're back in Ireland now so you can take this photo off...;)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:57 PM  

  • NEVER!!! *evil snigger*

    By Blogger Celeste McGrath, at 10:45 PM  

  • my word!!
    i just saw it now!!
    good bye for REAL!!!

    By Anonymous good grief!!, at 7:21 PM  

  • Haha. Who might this be? Shocker, isn't it!!??!

    By Blogger Celeste McGrath, at 7:37 PM  

  • Ha ha! So it's you, Vinny. Goodbye for real? Hmm...was I imagining it, or did you just drop me home?!? :) :)

    By Blogger Celeste McGrath, at 11:17 PM  

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