Stepping Heavenward


La vie en Suisse

Days: six

Kisses: nine

Late nights: five

Sleep talkings: uh, one

Scoops of ice cream: six

Photos taken: 33

Blocks of chocolate bought: 10 so far =) (before the world goes into panic attacks...they're not all mine. I value my life greatly so I am prepared to go back to Ireland to my family armed with Swiss chocolate)

Goofy moments: a million. (it must be the Swiss air, or Sarah's bad influence)


We have been travelling just about every day since I came here and the other day Sarah's sister, Maud said that I have probably seen more of Switzerland in the six times I have been here to what most Swiss people have seen!
Wednesday night we ate tea by a river and the covered bridge in Luzern...ahhh. It was pretty nice, and so typically "European" somehow =) Sitting in the lovely evening watching the day slowly fade away and the mountains in the distance go dark, with people playing music right in front of us, and eating a huge pizza =)

Thursday evening we were invited to Sarah's uncle and Aunt's house where I met them and her cousins again. It was there I got kissed for the third time. Quentin shook my hand and I saw him coming closer and I was like "Okay, here we go again!" Sarah either wasn't fast enough to remind him that we don't kiss in Ireland, or else she just enjoyed seeing me go through it. *eyeing her suspiciously*
It was a nice evening and most of them knew at least a little English and we ended up comparing animal noises in different languages. Quite, uh, inspiring.

Yesterday we drove to the Jungfrau, which was incredible. Although part of the mountain was covered in cloud, it was still amazing. At times the clouds would thin a little and you could see just how huge it was, rising up and can people not believe in a God?!
We decided then, to go on a bit of a hike, which all but killed us. We blamed our panting and puffing on 'altitude sickness', which sounds rather impressive, even if it's not true =) Today I feel about eighty years old.
We ate tea in Lausanne at a Mexican restaurant. We actually FOUND this restaurant. Back in March I tried to take Sarah to the Mexican Restaurant in Cork (Ireland) and we never found it. I am still absolutely certain that the whole city changed around that night, just to spite me.

Well, lunch is about ready so before I keep the entire family waiting, I'll run downstairs.


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