Stepping Heavenward


Don't Rip Your Rosebuds!

Don't Rip Your Rosebuds!

Okay… I’ll be honest with you right from the start. I am writing this for myself, before I write it for anybody else. Why? Because, I’ll admit, I am struggling in this area. And just maybe you have found yourself in my shoes before.

Here I am… approaching the last year of my teens and what have I accomplished? What have I done with these years that will soon be shut up and gone forever? The page is about to turn and what dreams have been fulfilled? Have any of those wild and exciting plans become reality? Yes, there have been a few, and I assure you they are thrilling things that I am not going to forget- even when my hair turns grey and my teeth fall out. But it does seem like those times have been few and there have been long stretches of dessert to walk in between them.

It seems like that those girls in books and movies have the perfect life- everything works out the way they want, and they have all the fun and excitement I only wish for. Every nice thing happens to them! And whether they are pruning rose bushes at dusk or galloping on the horse in the wild country, it always seems so much more beautiful and exciting than the things in my life. When I prune our rose bushes I get cut up, and its been so long since I was on a horse that I would probably fall off now. (Well, I'd like to imagine I would remember some of the riding skills!)

What ever happens to poor little me? Ah now…that’s the problem! I was meant to be a character in a book set last century. If I was living then, if I was at that age, and if I knew those kinds of people, my life would be grand.

Can you see what has happened to me? I am sitting here wishing for life the way I want it. The way I plan it, with the things happening that I want to see. And while I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself and envying my friends who seem to have a life that is unfairly similar to my dreams… I am losing today. I am forgetting that today won’t come back. I am complaining and moping about my life, and while doing so, I have wasted this time…

By dreaming of the future, and hoping and imagining exciting things, I have forgotten the present. So now, I am neither living in the present, or the future. I am in no mans land.

I know that God has a plan for me. I also know that if He gave me the choice to choose what was going to happen to be right now, I would probably ruin it and make my life a mess…simply because I would be making things happen outside of God’s perfect timing. It would be like trying to open a rose with my fingers before it was ready to bloom. In time, with the right amount of sun and rain, the rose will bloom by itself and be beautiful and just perfect growing in the right place, instead of a ripped up mess that I would make with it.
Why hasn’t God given me what I want right now? I guess He knows that the time is not right. He knows what is best for me now and despite my temper tantrums and arguments, He quietly and gently tries to tell me just to wait on Him.

Have you ever taken a child shopping with you? Imagine it: you reach the cereal isle with the little one and as you reach up on the shelf to get the weetbix the child looks at you with large pleading eyes and says:

“Can’t we pleeeease have this for breakfast instead?”

You take a look, and see she is holding those new chocolate puffs. The little girl would much rather wake up to some sugary delights for breakfast rather than boring old weetbix. Despite the fact that you know those chocolate puffs would be quite a nice treat, you know that they won’t fill the child up, nor would it be healthy for her to be eating so much sugar. You gently tell her no,

“We’ll take the weetbix home.”

Have you, like me, demanded God for the chocolate puffs in your life? I have done it all too often.

But I am now trying to see it from God’s point of view. (Don’t know how well I am doing!J ) He does understand my dreams and He knows the restlessness in my heart. And it’s because of His love for me, as His child, that He only gives me what I need for today. Let’s not snatch the rose out of His hand. Only He can make it bloom. With His help we can stop tearing up our roses and let Him help us bloom where we are planted.



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