Stepping Heavenward


The Bond Between Brothers and Sisters In The Lord!

Isn't amazing the bond that Christians have with one another? I have been thinking about it quite a lot over the last few weeks, particularly since the United Beach Missions are down again holding Christian games and activities on the beaches for children.

Each Sunday the team come to church and we meet them for the first time and immediatly there is a special bond. With non Christians it's not always so easy to get know one another and feel comfortable right away.

I met Catherine last week when my friend Vlora and I were with the team doing an open air meeting. We have since met two more times and have parted with hugs and phone numbers and email addresses - vowing to keep in touch.

Dean was down from the North again and even after two years he remembered Vlora and I and I had to think of all the mad fun we all had on that team the last time we met.

On the way home in the car Paul chatted about a hundred topics in fifteen minutes in his Northern Ireland accent...which we all think is great and try to imitate, but sometimes don't understand! :)

Isn't it amazing how God unites all of us...we may not know each other well, but we are brothers and sisters in God! No matter what our past, who we are, where we're from...we have a common link right from the word go!


And I can't even begin to imagine what Heaven will be like when we are ALL together! No longer will we have to rely on that occasional visit, that text message and email or looking longingly at the photo...we'll all be together and with the One who unites us!



  • The bond between brother and sister can be very special indeed!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:31 PM  

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