Stepping Heavenward



Counting the days until I leave for Switzerland! Can't wait. Need a break. Especially after yesterday morning and it's experiances!

Yesterday we had a friend stop in very was about ten in the morning and I was still sloping around in my pjs...okay, I had pulled on a skirt over them, but, because I was cold, the pjs remained, sticking out from underneath the skirt.

Imagine it. Weird. Yep. REALLY weird.

Nice brown skirt, flowery pajamas sticking out, bare feet and to top it all off, I was wearing an old fleece which clashed remarkably well with everything else I was wearing.

So, getting back to the visitors, one sister ran into the kitchen where I happened to be dancing to a song on the radio and screeched "There's somebody at the door! YOU go and answer it!"

Knowing there was no way to get out of it, as the rest of the family were either busy or looking in a worse state than me, I pulled off the pjs in the kitchen, and as I ran through the living room I pulled off my fleece, leaving each lying in the middle of the two rooms.

I answered the door and found it was a friend that we hadn't seen for about a year and, totally forgetting the state I had just left the two rooms in, told them to come in. They walked down the hall in front of me and arrived in the living room just as I gasped to myself "Grief! What are they going to think?!?"

Seeing half my wardrobe on the floor, and begining to feel a little awkward, they said "We'll go into the kitchen" only to find that the kitchen was no better. They decided to go for the first option-the living room, and stepped over the jacket and tried to find a spare seat that wasn't covered with books, magazine, CDs, clothes, animals...

Our house is normally pretty neat. Today was an exception.

John sat down and settled into a chair while the other guy was about to sit on another chair, the one that, unfortunately, has been claimed by the dog. As he was lowering himself down one of my younger sisters screeched "NO! Oh no! Don't sit there! That's the dog's chair!" This guy is only just learning english...and he jumped up like a startled hen and apologised profusely, and never quite understood the cause of the flurry and excitement.

Celeste, in the mean time, is quietly dying in the corner and throwing evil glances at her sister.

It's quite funny now, and when I told my family later they were in fits of laughter.

I have picture in my room of a chicken crossing a road and it says "This would be really funny if it wasn't happening to me."

Dear chicken, I know the feeling.

Anyway, Switzerland in a few days...will tell you all about it when I'm back! Stay tuned :)


  • You are SOOO FUNNY!!!:):) I can't write, because I'm laughing!!!:) I do treasure you! Have a great time in Switzerland dear freind!:):):):) Your friend Jacky.

    By Blogger jacky baken, at 11:07 PM  

  • I didn't feel very funny at the time...ha ha. :) :)

    By Blogger Celeste McGrath, at 1:07 PM  

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