Stepping Heavenward


About Stepping Heavenward

For many years I have dreamed about writing a small magazine to encourage Christian young people like myself, but for years didn't do anything about it. I thought I would have nothing decent to say and was afraid of seeming a little like a hyporcrite because I am such a bundle of mistakes and failings myself!

But, eventually, I decided to give it a go...and the magazine has now been in existance sine May this year. I have been getting support from people in Ireland, England, Australia and the U.S.A. Thank-you all!

Several people have since asked me if I would create blog for it as well and so here is the attempt! I've already had one major hiccup in trying to work out how all this works...but we're back on track now!

In time, if I don't accidentally blow up the computer, I'll be adding and improving keep coming back to visit! :)

Hope you enjoy the humble scribbles!

Love from,


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