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2nd Half Of Twenty Things To Do Before I Am 20

11. Diligently study my French course that I am starting this week. (again)

12.(Hopefully) Keep helping to teaching a 23 year old "gypsy" girl how to read

13. Keep a journal of home-made family jokes, giggles, and moments of insanity
(Have done this on and off over the years, already)

14. Look over the old scribbles, "books", ramblings, and papers I have done long ago and sort them out and do something with them. (ie: improve them, or throw them out!)

15 See if I can plan several weeks in advance for Sunday School lessons, so there won't be panic and pandemonium on Fridays!

16 To not only be the Sunday School teacher to the older children at church, but be their friend.

17 Talk one on one with the ones who aren't yet Christians

18 Keep my bedroom in a more presentable state :)

19 Radoming pick a history book and study up on that time to improve my somewhat rusty history knowledge!!

20 To finally finish this awfully long, hard list!


All For Nothing?

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility, let each consider the other better than yourself”

I have a sobering piece of news for you: Whenever you or I do something in our own strength we may as well not be doing it at all.

Tough, isn’t it? Even when we are doing good things, with good intentions, it’s still worthless if we do not include God in the matter. It’s something great on the surface, but without God, it won’t ever be truly good.

“Therefore, whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God”
1st Corinthians 10:31

I have been dwelling a lot on this subject recently. It began awhile ago when I started thinking of all the projects and different things I have attempted this year. And as I was thinking over each thing- each good thing - the Lord pointed out to me that I have been trying to do too many things in my own strength.

It was dark and misty that day, and all sorts of questions and thoughts were flooding my brain and I knew I needed to get out for some fresh air. I pulled on my wellies and headed for the fields with the dog. As I sloshed through the mud and plodded along next to the creek bank I continued thinking.

All the plans and projects that had come to light in the last twelve months had been great ideas. People had praised me for the work I was doing with the children at church, with the magazine I was scribbling away at, even saying that I was a “wonderful person” because I was learning Braille, “You’re such a sweet girl! You must be so clever”, and then, on that cold day God showed me how alone I was. I was alone, because I had chosen to be alone. I had chosen to do all of this with only a very little amount of prayer and thought to God.
It had to change. I was treading water, and I needed God to be the first…

It happens often, for each one of us, to get lost and caught up in “doing things for the Lord”, without really working alongside Him. God doesn’t call us to do great things for Him, necessarily, but to do great things with Him. It’s not about us, or our strength. It all has to be about Him, and by Him, and in Him that we do things. On our own, things will dissolve and crumble.

Ambition is good. With God in the picture it becomes perfect.

Not in our strength, Lord, but Yours.


Four months...

In just four months I will be leaving my teen years behind. Can you imagine? Just four months! And it's quite sad. I feel like I am getting old. It also seems like I have always been a teenager...twenty has been a long time coming!

And I have decided to follow Danielle's example and make a list of twenty things to do before I am twenty years old, or at least improve on! (and believe me there could be thousands!) Here are the first ten:

1. Be a better penpal to Abbie and Theresa!!

2. Read my Bible more often

3. Spend more time in prayer

4. Take the dog for more tramps down the back field to the creek

5. Be a nicer person to live with :)

6. Finish reading all the books I started this year.

7. Get a job

8. See Jacky :)

9. Study the times, dates, and numeral sections in my Braille book until I can write them without checking!

10.Be more patient with my little sister's excited babble when they want to tell me about the snail they found, the new song they are learning, and about the huge burp they just did!! :)


Remember how I said I was reading a book called "Evelyn" the other day? Well, I started off reading a book called Zvi about one man's triumph over the holocaust and then, halfway through it, I started reading Evelyn and then, halway through that I started reading this book, One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven. I wonder if I'll ever finish one book this year! :)

Sarah posted the last book to me from Switzerland the other day and it's very good. No, it's really good! Written by Mark Cahill, it's a book about reaching out to the lost people in our world and how we can talk to them about the Lord. It's very encouraging, inspiring and easy to read and if you haven't read it before, then you should read it soon!

Mark Cahill's life's motto is: "If they're breathing, they need Jesus".

How often, as Christians, do we fear to talk to people about the Lord? For me, it's VERY often. I am afraid of saying something wrong, offending the person, looking like a "religious freak" or even being made fun of. It's certainly not easy to stand up and do something like that. Ever felt the same as me?

But after I began to read this book, it made me really want to do more wittnessing. And has Christians it is our duty to tell others the truth that we now know.

All of this babble to say that hopefully this week a friend and I will meet in town and pass out leaflets/tracts to people on the streets. I also want to have a one-on-one chat with a non-Christian girl at my church tomorrow. I have also been trying my best to wittness to people I know through email. Please pray that these things will go well.

I also had a thought...why don't each of us try and talk to at least one person about the Lord this week? Sound like a plan? Then pleasecome back to my humble little blog and let's talk about how it went! That way we can all pray for the people we have all met. :)

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